Rebel Heart Birth

Rebel Heart Birth
Rebel Heart was founded in 2016 and started selling a new and exciting brand of affirmation cards in 2017.

Hiya! Hannah here.

I am an experienced and passionate Hypnobirthing Instructor and Student Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist. After using affirmation cards successfully to support a boost in confidence and changes in habits to live a more positive life, I started creating affirmation cards for my antenatal clients.

Now affirmation cards have been used for all sorts of things for a very long time. However, I became more and more switched off from the beautiful floaty language that was used. Not because I don't love a bit of poetic gorgeousness, but because that's not how I talk! I wanted real, gritty, down to earth affirmations that left me high fiving myself, confident in my skin, and ready for whatever life would bring.

And so Rebel Heart Cards were created. Birth cards at first, followed soon after by packs for Motherhood, BodyLove, and some for Grown-up People who Want To Have an Awesome Life and Get Shit Done.

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